“There was a time when children used to fill the grounds and their laughters used to echo through the evenings. Now when I get up early morning, I see them leaving at 6 am. They are going to tuitions. I don’t get to see them until they return by 6 or 7pm. At least the teachers could have mercy and leave them a little early. The church grounds (where children usually play) are now empty. Even when they return home, they have no time for the family. All are studying quietly inside their rooms.”

A few lines taken from in between a conversation I had with a 76 year old lady. She had come from Kerala to stay with her son in Secunderabad for 3 months in 2007. Her own grandson likes staying indoors and rarely ventures out.

She says, ” The contrasts of times”

In memory of her…
Born : 30 Dec 1930
Died : 20 Sept 2007

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