It takes millions of years for a species to evolve. It takes just a few moments for that species to disappear forever from the globe. The only reason.. The only reason being human beings. The only reason being I. The only reason being YOU.

I pity myself for my inability to cover my arms around the globe and protect it
My arms are not so wide
But  could do one thing
I could use your arms as well
No, it’s still not wide enough
Will you call someone else too?
Yes, if more and more join, we could do something!
We could cover the globe so that no green grass falls off it

Mother Earth held us to her breasts till now. Now she is weak and old. It’s our turn to show gratitude. It’s your turn.. Will you?

Somehow I feel bugged. There’re very few (is it so?) who take time for, or love, nature. Is it that they don’t have time to? Where’re you all heading to? Are you so much obsessed with your career and pride and money that you can’t stop a while to think of nature? Or do you think there’re some nature lovers, they’ll do it all? No yaar! It takes efforts from all to preserve every species we have now, every shade of green you’ve seen.

Actually, only a little time is left to repair. So what can we do? Hmm.. Let me think. With this single article, you won’t go out and stand for Kyoto Protocol1 or raise your voice to defend global warming, will you? You won’t go out and see whether your local government is giving out pesticides and poisons which go up the food chain and damage life on earth, would you? Yet I’ve to get something from you through this article. Otherwise it’s a waste of time for me and you. So what I think is to go into the basics. Know what, as I go up (or down, whatever the case may be) in my studies, one thing I get reminded of is to go to the basics. Hence here the best thing is to cultivate some memory or love for nature. Thatz why you see more nature photographs on this website than any other kind of photographs. All these birds, insects, butterflies are amazing to see! You just’ve to open your eyes. Life is not just you and dogs and cats. All these creatures you can see in your own environment. Even if you’re in a city, there’re zillions of creatures, other than you, thriving somewhere around.

Once you see them, once you see how beautiful it can be, I am damn sure you don’t need any more advise, you don’t need a lecture on the Kyoto Protocol. You’ll do your share of conserving nature. Well thatz all I mean. I hope you see it?

1The Kyoto Protocol is an international environmental treaty produced at the United Nations for the “stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system”.

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