On what we can do. The idea is still in its preliminary stages.

Excerpt from the first email.

Talking more about the group, let me tell some feasible and beneficial ideas. Most of us are in touch or in reach by an email or phone call. We’re a previleged group in such a developing country like India. Why don’t we collect a small fund or smtg from among those who’ve settled with some jobs? Shouldn’t be a compulsory one. With such a fund we can do smtg like adopt (not techinically) a child, i.e. we provide a 100Rs per month (itz low but easy for start) towards education/dress/books for a child. If just 12 people put a 100 Rs per year such a thing is possible. May be it looks an ugly idea (is it so ) now but it would be worthy in the long run, as we grow. Other benefits are: satisfaction of doing something, to have a child of our own, bettering the world, some use of the money we consume every month, future investment, etc etc

Supporters so far: (Physically / Intellectualy / Financially or in whatever ways one can help it)

Anoop John
Charlie Malkachan

Do you support? If so please mail to saps or comment here or email me.

  • Herez how we can do the financial part:
    1.make a paypal account for those who can put anything thru credit 
    2.open a bank account in Kerala (litty 😀 ) for others.
  • For the working out part we have to do detailed study on how we should utilize it and where when etc. may be this should be done before collecting any funds and the plan laid out.

We’re still studying on the idea and it may take time. Meanwhile, here is a wonderful documentation/statistics on the state of the world’s children 2006 by UNICEF to chew on. Excluded and Invisible, State of the World’s Children 2006 (pdf, 3 mb)