shez first love, the first girl in life. memories are warm in my heart; cud still make out her scent, her voice, eyes. i dedicate my poor lines to that cute innocent girl who stood in front of me at the school chapel and chanted the mantras of love 2 my heart. she left me with a thirst for love n life forever.

The clouds were departing
Thunder and lightning
Slowly lowering
In love my heart was glowing

It was a Friday morn’
That I met her in the room
I thought it was my boon
For being in her heart soon

It isn’t the beauty she bear
Nor the clothes she wear
But her stainless love, I swear
That makes her dear

Her smiles are full of pleasure
Her love for me is beyond measure
Thoughts of her is a valuable treasure
That fills my cheeks with cheer

She is charming to my heart
Like an oasis in the desert
A red rose on the shirt
That makes one alert

Her body has an enchanting fragrance
That makes me gay at once
Her love doesn’t have any tense
Which often creates a menace

In the midst of the night
My heart would be full tight
Of want of a sight
Which is all my right

When I’m with her
I feel like on the upmost tower
With a man’s power
Which one can’t discover

So many are my dreams
And for me it seems
As lustre of the golden streams
Which never fades

And may her lovely face
Last for ever and ever
In this heart of a lover
With great joy and pleasure

class ix, girideepam bethany. 11.01.95

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