The blue marsh hawk belong to the dragonfly family of skimmers, and are conspicuous with their blue thorax and tail.

blue marsh hawk,  orthetrum glaucaum

Dragonflies, especially the males of some species, are also territorial in nature. Research shows that among some marsh skimmers, the males with longer hind wings have an upper hand in winning territorial conflicts.

Species: orthetrum glaucaumFamily: libellulidae

Here are a few other skimmers from our earlier articles:

Pied Paddy Skimmerneurothemis tullia

pied paddy skimmer, neurothemis tullia on a water lily

Fulvous Forest Skimmerneurothemis fulvia

Fulvous Forest Skimmer dragonfly, neurothemis fulvia

 Common Picture Wing, rhyothemis variegata variegata

Common Picture Wing Dragonfly, Rhyothemis variegata variegata (male).

Kasuya E., Mashima Y., Hirokawa J. 1987 Reproductive behavior of the dragonfly, Orthetrum japonicum (Odonata: Libellulidae). Journal of ethology 5(2), 105-113.

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