ufo sighted in the night sky of bangalore, indiaThat is exactly what I wanted the newspapers of the next day to screech.

No, this ain’t no hoax. Will you believe if I say that I had sighted a UFO?

It was early December and my friends and I lay on the terrace staring at the cold night sky of Koramangala, taking into us the chill of the empty atmosphere. The music was playing and a few were arguing over whether it is better to listen to- English songs (they were playing classics) or apna Hindi songs. I, not paying too much attention to what my ears needed, was immersed in counting the stars. We spotted a planet too, which I guessed was Venus and I shouted in excitement and proudly said in a queenly  pose, “That’s my planet- Venus.” But the shout that echoed through the neighbourhoods was the result of what I spotted next.

A few minutes after spotting the planet, I reclined to my old pose and stared back at the sky. I noticed two ‘stars’ moving rapidly, one following the other. Was I hallucinating or hypnotized with too much staring? 🙂 I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and looked again. Woah! There it is again. This time, I saw more. A triangular shaped object camouflaged perfectly against the dark sky. It moved like a piece of the night sky plucked and shifted. Its three corners had a light each and what I saw initially was two of the three lights. I got up startling the rest of the gang, shouting my lungs out, “LOOK! LOOK! DON’T YOU SEE! IT IS A UFO!” They thought I should get my eyes tested. Well, then, TWO of us had to, ‘coz one of the others had also spotted it.

And  the magnificent, well shaped (it was not round for a change 😀 ) UFO went, fading and disappearing. A sight for 10 seconds. No evidence to give the papers. I did my best to popularize it in my team. Ahem! Attention on the UFO, not me! Since I work in the aerospace business industry, I do not have a dearth of team mates with pictures of sorts of ‘flying objects’ in their work area. Oh! there I spotted the triangular shaped object in one of their collections. “Hey that’s how it looked like! Somewhat.” He replied, ” Stealth Bomber. That’s what it is.”

Ah! So what was it- the earthly Stealth Bomber or an alien driven aircraft? Until I know it, it still remains an Unidentified Flying Object to me! Let it remain a mystery. I can still look back at that sky and hope to see one more. Err… can I get a telescope? 🙂

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