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female figures of ellora

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The ancient (5~10th cent. AD) rock-cut caves of Ellora were oblivious to the outside world for several centuries – until they were redisovered in the early 19th century. In these caves are the goddesses, frozen in time, assuming their ultimate postures in the form of sculptures …

Cave 29. Parvati.
The brahminical caves of Ellora are Siva-centric and hence figures of his consort, Parvati, are seen in various forms. When she is with Siva, she appears homely and bashful. As an independent goddess, she is seen slaying the demons.

parvati with siva at cave 29, ellora

The female figures of Ellora – with small faces, firm and full breasts, narrow waist, wide hips and long thighs – are a treat for the eye and the senses. These sculptures follow certain guidelines for body proportions (iconometry). The iconometric texts suggest that the outer corners of the eyes, the breasts and hips should be slightly exaggerated than the actual measurement. The close set breasts should press each other tightly that even a lotus fibre could not pass through them. The vulva should be shaped like the leaf of the sacred fig tree. Most of the female figures, use diaphanous (thin and transparent) drapery which reveals all their charms, the beauty of every curve, even of the genitals.

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how a one sided affair can be deepened into,,

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 00:18, anna the anonymous wrote:
The not-so-gentle tug inside my insides,
The time has come to give up some blood,
To feel all woman,all mother-someday-to-be,
God punished,cursed,Eve accepted,shamed.
O but the sheer joy of being a woman,
The laughter of a girl-woman mensturating,
The quiet cry of a girl in monthly pain-
Would I give all this up to be a man?
Never!not as long as the world will be,
For there’s power and beauty in womanhood
THere’s strength and romance,love and zeal.
Tiny goblets,huge clots,all mine,all Earth’s.

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 20:07, rock the sea wrote:
tiny goblets,huge clots,all yours huh?
shall i with my gallant manhood
have a not-so-gentle tug inside ur insides
the time has come to give up some life
to feel all woman and man together as one
god punished,cursed,adam n eve accepted,shamed
o but the sheer joy of being together
the laughter of a woman in my arms
the satisfaction in being inside you as u cry
would we give all this up to be alone?
never!not as long as the world is ours
for there’s power and beauty in togetherness
there’s strength and romance, love and zeal
tiny goblet,huge clots,let retreat for a while
let life a new begin, between us, inside us