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street artists of italy

Posted by on 06 Sep 2009 | Category: italy, photography

We love theme photography, and one of our themes are the street artists of Italy.
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first wedding anniversary

Posted by on 27 Aug 2008 | Category: life

Celebrating our first wedding anniversary (27 August)

Watercolor painting reminiscent of our basketball games and a snapshot of the photograph from Riola.

Wedding Anniversary Painting

At Riola, near Bologna, Italy.

rocksea and sarah

indian treepie

Posted by on 07 Aug 2008 | Category: prakriti

Watercolor painting of an Indian Treepie, also known as Rufous Treepie, dendrocitta vagabunda.

Indian Treepie

The head, neck and breast of Indian Treepie are a deep slate-grey colour, sometimes slightly brownish. The underparts and lower back are a warm tawny-brown to orange-brown in colour with white wing coverts and black primaries. The tail is a light bluish-grey with a thick black band on the tip.

The Indian Treepie is extremely agile while searching for food, clinging and clambering through the branches. Its acrobatic dances on the coconut palm leaf (ola) has given it the name olenjali  in Malayalam.

Original photograph of the Indian Treepie, by rocksea, used for the painting :

Indian Treepie