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the lemon emigrant

Posted by on 16 Mar 2011 | Category: photography, prakriti

lemon emigrant butterfly, western ghats

It is lemony, and it is a migrant. Migration could be one of its strategy to deal with adverse seasonal changes, like the tropical rainfall. It also exhibits seasonal dimorphism: dark yellow colors(form crocale) in wet summer season and pale yellow colors (form pomane) in dry winter season. It is one of the mechanisms by which insects cop up with adverse seasonal changes. It could be either to adjust body temperature and metabolic rate or as a means for better camouflage.
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the time keeper in metachrosis

Posted by on 20 Jan 2010 | Category: photography, prakriti

The hourglass mark on its dorsum is attractive, and that is why I call it the time keeper. We found this frog while we were cleaning and pruning the area around our fish pond. Sarah was throwing away some rotten twigs and leaves when she felt something cold and creepy leap on to her šŸ˜®

polypedates occidentalis
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