She was my sunflower
I saw her one night, holding her eyes on me
I saw her glaze in the moonlight
I was in the bed
Only the window bars between us
But this sunflower was slanting towards me!
I was her sun, she was my sunflower
She looked on me, I looked on her
I gave her my sunlight, I gave her my sunshine
Morning came and the sun came down
She told me she can’t hold
Take me with you or I’ll burn
I need your light I need your heart
I can’t stand the sun’s gaze and heat
I reached for her, she leaned to me
The sun came down and shined on us
I couldn’t run away; I couldn’t turn back
It was too hot, but she arched towards me;
her last bow
Unyielding to the sun’s gravity
She burned into my heart


dedicated to Priya [29.08.1979 – 13.08.2002]