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14 years of maun

Posted by on 06 Oct 2006 | Category: india

 … why? What does he feel? Does he talk in sleep? Several questions popped up in my mind.. but I couldn’t ask him!

mauni baba

mauni baba on 14 years maun

maun ~ silence

September 2005, Kochi

a bunch of bleeding roses

Posted by on 15 Dec 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

price was 2 pounds
but it’s love which counts
a bunch of roses i bought
red roses
charming, gleaming with passion

her eyes caught the roses
its beauty was enhanced in those glowing eyes
i saw more of them than i saw her, in her eyes
i was such proud of my roses
the roses that sketched my own love

but she
she took them in her hands
she talked to me, twisting the bunch in her hands
petals came one by one
she found fun in flying them
in the breeze that passed by
a thorn caught her hand
and she looked at me with anger
–she threw them away
my roses–

a stampede of human feet came
crushing the roses into the mud
the petals of love
the petals of love
the fragrance of love
the beauty of love
the silence of love
all diminished into mere dirt
there they lie kissing the earth
wetting it in red blood
____ my heart was in those roses_

skeleton of poetry writing, CMS college, 2000

after midnite

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01.10.2003 wed after midnite.
after drinking from the bowl of life, imperial blue in color.

after midnite
fan is silence
nothing else is talking of silence

moon, half-clad
so distant
to know my feelings
if it was morning
i wud’ve asked the birds passing by
to pause the chirping for a while
n smile at me
an’ here my wail

oh! the curtain has fallen
n itz dark all around

i forget myself
i forget myself