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An ode: to the one that was with me for years

Posted by on 30 Oct 2006 | Category: life

My heart lept with an excitement
as I reached his place
And  my steps felt heavy
with the stench of the romance

I had travelled long many times to
meet him
But today, I could not wait long
to see him

I took the stairs to reach the door
and he was waiting to gently usher me in
I felt the nervousness of
the first time experience

He smiled as my eyes roamed around to see
all neatly placed as i peered thru my hair
He unburdened my hands off the card i got him
and walked me to be comfortable on a chair

My nervousness grew
as I placed myself there 
He had an excited haste, came closer
and leaned over reclining my chair

He gazed into me
and I gazed at him
My face showed all and my eyes grew
He spoke nice and assured it will be fine

He approached so much nearer
I lay my head back and my eyes went dim
I opened my mouth slowly
and closed my eyes for him

I could not explain the feeling in me
The smell was all so close and intense
I have to admit that
Between his hands and me there was no fence

It was my first time
I watched and sensed him moving
Then, I felt the prick
I felt the intense pain

I struggled at the ache
He knew I was scared
Yet he, his passion wanted it
and so he continued his dare

Tears rolled down my cheeks
He looked and said it will be over soon
He continued and I asked him to stop a while
He took himself back and allowed my tears to be gone

Coaxing me, he was on me again
I laid there, taking it without a doubt
And then, the push and a pull and the pressure
It was out!

He was relieved and I lay there to feel fine
we were happy, yes, it’s the truth
For he had almost lost his temper
for the want of a tooth!

I miss my tooth- the one that was with me for years!

written in pain….

i like past for that,,

Posted by on 03 Feb 2006 | Category: life, photography

past fetches me nostalgic impressions
i like past for that
past teaches me fantastic lessons
i like past for that too
if you say ditch your past
if you say
     ‘it’s just past, forget it’
you’re betraying yourself
for my nowness -> is past this moment
my today is past tomorrow
past is like that giant tree
under which i sit and lean back
i am sitting in this narrow space
tagged as present
my eyes glance forward to future
future sketches me a colorful spectra
i like past for that

~ dedicated to Sarah, the oasis in my Sahara
   the Scarlett O’Hara at my Tara

This is the central lawn of Hokkaido University in spring, the cherry blossoms in full bloom. There is a huge tree there, is not in the picture but to the left side of it, where i go with my books n bottle of water and sit n look forward to future (daydream, daydream!)

*update: hey prasad, herez a sakura song (6mb) sung by Moriyama Naotaro. See the lyrics, itz easy to sing sakura sakura along!

hokkaido-university-spring1 * hokkaido university central lawn in spring. cherry blossoms add to the fresh greenness * 1712 x 2288 * (859KB)hokkaido-university-spring2 * hokkaido university central lawn in spring. cherry blossoms add to the fresh greenness * 1712 x 2288 * (820KB)
 more of the university. close. closer..closerrr
hokkaido-university-spring3 * hokkaido university. the campus during spring/summer is a nice place to sit n relax * 2288 x 1712 * (879KB)hokkaido-university-spring4 * closer. hokkaido university. the campus during spring/summer is a nice place to sit n relax * 2288 x 1712 * (858KB)hokkaido-university-spring5 * closerrr. hokkaido university. the campus during spring/summer is a nice place to sit n relax * 2288 x 1712 * (829KB)

arabian sea; armex cruise on sagar kanya

Posted by on 16 Dec 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

ORV Sagar Kanya, 29.03.03, Arabian Sea, beguiling facades: from cruise SK-190.
This I remember, I wrote sitting on a chair in the upper deck of R/V Sagar Kanya. It was night and it was my birthday. hmm.. celebrating one’s birthday on a ship with the endless sea around is something.. The photos are from the same cruise.

soft brushing of the breeze
waves splattering on and softly rocking the ship

the sea is seducing me
endless lifeless meaningless
it seems
never stops looking marvellous
arabian sea armex cruise

blue blue sea; armex cruise
the color
the blue blue color
enticing enthralling
I wish I had a shirt of that color

cumulo nimbus clouds, arabian sea

sagar kanya, arabian sea
sometimes you wish
you say,
go, dive and float on the waves
but u don’t go
u don’t know
whether u cud get back
into the ship

O’ sitting in this chair at nite,
u can make so many wishes

Somebody had told
Wish on a star

no roof over my head
only the sky
lying on this chair
I cud see all those stars
let me wish
on every star
for I have so many wishes
let me wish
on all the stars seen and unseen
I have heard stars are countless
so are my wishes

29 March 2003


Posted by on 15 Dec 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

becoming a pilot was my purpose when I was a child. The same ambition held on to me till I was in degree. It was jessy aunty who taught me the word ‘pilot’ when I was in KG, and staying at chengalam. she told me if I wrote it several times and studied it, I would become a pilot.

but it was too costly. Even training on the rusted Cessnas in this rusted Kerala cost u a fortune of over 10 lakhs and think about training under some good companies!! Though becoming a commercial pilot was at my heart, I was the same interested in pursuing the path of an air force pilot. Thatz how I wrote the combined defense services (CDS) exam. I passed it!! but then was the interview! The interview is much harder than what the exam is. 7 days interview. It was in between that interview that I got the very first sms from you. I wrote a story as reply, I knew later, that u got only the first 2 lines! I thot whatever I filled in that box went 2 ur fone.

Only 2 people out of those 60 were selected for the medicals. The medicals, I’ve heard, is funny. They ask u to ‘smile’. When u open up ur mouth with all the 28 odd teeth, they say, ‘smile ur buttocks’. I didn’t belong to that 2. That was the end of my air force carrier. I don’t have anymore chances! I wrote the CDS again, and was called for the army, 4 months b4. Through CDS, you can get the best post when u enter the defense. but I’m too much in love with the oceans now! I didn’t go.

I haven’t lost my desire to be airborne. Maybe I would have a biplane for myself…

hey, Richard Bach has a biplane. He’s a philosophy-fiction-ideas-life mixed writer too. Thatz what attracted me to him.

Still I strain my neck and wonder over the speck soaring far above.

14 Oct, 2002

writing is like.. (2)

Posted by on 15 Dec 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

something in my self

pricks me now n then

like a baby in the womb

kicks n throw fits

it pains, but sweet

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