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nature vs civilization. technology breeds happiness?

Posted by on 18 Feb 2006 | Category: india, japan, life, photography, prakriti

Last weekend we had the Sapporo International Night and along with it a lot of group discussions on world heritage sites, nature etc. Our group discussed on nature, culture and civilization and how they can co-exist. I am not getting into all details of coexistence but just a single point.

Technology & happiness. Human civilization and technology has grown in a fast pace but are we happy? Some of the members said they feel life is more comfortable. Nobody said that life has become happier. We found that technology which has been developed to make life easier has in fact made life complicated and busier. One of the members said that unlike the past, now he can travel from place to place in few minutes/hours but life has become busier. Communication has improved, internet, mobile phones, have taken place in our lives but effective communication between people have decreased. We were all alarmed to face this fact that better technology doesn’t mean happiness. So is technology, instead of liberating us, holding us back?

Does it look like a painting? I like the overall tone. A bit far from earth, it doesn’t show much of human intervention other than the dam. but may be a dam is enough? Anyways the picture shows a lot of geographical features.. Took it on my flight from Delhi to Sapporo a few months before. So it must be somewhere close to the east coast of India.

nature & civilization

Anyways, am happy about the warm hi-fi japanese toilets mentioned in the pervious post 🙂 More on it later!

my own metamorphosis ~ from a psychrophobe to a psychrophile + snow sliding @ sapporo

Posted by on 18 Jan 2006 | Category: japan, photography

Remember the day when you set your foot at Sapporo? It was 2 years before, on a cold February, just like this. Snow was something new and strange then, and you were happy. First few days are always like that! *snow everywhere* and you will start smiling and laughing, it was so fun.. The Dean asked you how you felt abt Sapporo. You said beaming, snowflakes allover your cheeks, "I love the snow! It is so beautiful here!" He roared out a laugh, "snow has no value here!".
"but I love snow!!?"
So first few days were spend analyzing the so-called-snow, eating it to your heart’s content.. Later you learnt that you could better sit at home and watch those japanese comedy shows (and start laughing whenever they laugh..)
Well my (shifting to first person) first 2 winters went like that, good-for-nothing. Sat indoors for 4-5 months till I made sure there’re no white patches watching me. But this winter, one day while coming to lab, got soaked in the snow and like a revelation from heaven it transformed the psychrophobic 1 me to a psychrophilic 2 self! Thatz how my bicycle started slowing down on my way to lab. Thatz how soon a camera was hanging on my neck, swinging all the way but keeping an eye on things going around,,
So am not so fed up of winter, you see.. Though all my insects and butterflies are hibernating, I managed to find some amusement in the snow.. and thatz how I ended up taking all these winter photos.
So, the photojournal for the day:
Caught ’em from my window first. They had spotted the snow-mountain (some snow heaped over) in our compound and had decided it is the perfect place for snow sliding.
  • Kids never stop amusing us!

snow sliding at sapporo

  • I-will-take-you-up (ending in duhh-you-are-so-heavy)
kids-snow-sliding-8 * i will take you up * 1024 x 766 * (253KB)kids-snow-sliding-7 * hmmphhh!! i will try this way * 1024 x 766 * (204KB)kids-snow-sliding-6 * uhhh?!!! you're heavy! * 1024 x 766 * (201KB)
kids-snow-sliding-5 * oops * 1024 x 766 * (183KB)kids-snow-sliding-4 * ** falls down ** * 1024 x 766 * (179KB)kids-snow-sliding-3 * let me try again! * 1024 x 766 * (204KB)
kids-snow-sliding-1 * ya this way * 1024 x 766 * (205KB)kids-snow-sliding-0 * ya like that,, * 1024 x 766 * (220KB)
  • Wooshhh…
  • He has a smile for me
kids-snow-sliding-14 * winter at sapporo is the right time for these kids to take a break and go snow sliding! * 766 x 1024 * (337KB)kids-snow-sliding-13 * he has a smile for me :) * 1024 x 766 * (155KB)
  • Letz all ride together!
  • Now their sensei 3 has a smile for me
kids-snow-sliding-12 * packing 2 in 1 * 1024 x 766 * (370KB)kids-snow-sliding-11 * packing many in 1. now their sensei (teacher) has a smile for me ;) * 1024 x 766 * (423KB)
Moral of the story: Always smile at the snow, some day it will start smiling back at you.
1 psychrophobe: one who dreads the cold
2 psychrophile: those like me who loves extreme cold
3 sensei: japanese for teacher 

journey through life

Posted by on 16 Dec 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

Life. We live through this phenomenon but seldom do we understand it.

Most of my precious moments, most of my energy have been spent to quench that inner thirst, but the fire still glows vigorously, more than ever. From my early days itself I had an aspiration, to search for the truth. I also had a dream of traveling along the foothills of the Himalayas, to the abode of Indian philosophy. I never thought it would happen; but it happened. The following is a sort of travelogue; some from the sporadic notes I made, some from my memory, but you can ‘t express it in the real form, you have to experience it yourself. The information given may contain errors, am not intending to give any wonderful geographical info or any philosophic adventures or any literature. I just wrote it down so that it may be inspiring and useful for people of similar dreams; it may good knowing how another person took such a road. This story is not a closed one, and don ‘t expect anything particular.

[If you are looking for geographical info on India, better read Lonely Planet: India; if you are keen on Indian philosophy and the mysticism around it, the best book I would recommend is ‘Search in secret India ‘ by Paul Brunton; you are just interested in some adventures in life or philosophy, read Richard Bach; for simple but revolutionary and stimulating thoughts, read Osho; for tibetan philosphic adventures mixed with logic and some science, acceptable to even those i_dont_understand_so_i_dont_believe people, read T. Lobsang Rampa. If you really wanna know life, read yourself].

am not adorning the costumes of a philosopher or a sannyasin (or a writer 😉 ). me give myself to the passions of this world, give myself to my hormones; me don ‘t differentiate what good or bad is (everything is co-existent. your definitions are relative (you say ‘apekshikam ‘ for that in Malayalam)); I live to my heart ‘s truth. but I believe that the life you live ought to have some meaning, something other than the routine style of eating, studying, sleeping, having a job, a family, children, dying… something off the usual cycle of events.

My passion for a journey got engraved in my heart and by the time I was doing my masters, I wanted to work it out somehow, I didn ‘t care whether the outcome would be fruitful or not. So our summer holidays were arriving, after our second semester exams and I thought this was the best chance. I went to the cusat library every day to collect some info on the roads I ‘ve to take, went through the maps on those dusty books, searched on google, wrote down some plans…

One day I bluntly told daddy that am going north, that I ‘ve booked the train ticket up to Delhi for 09.06.2001. He was like his mouth going O. He never gave me the consent.

I didn ‘t plan a lavish trip, as it would annihilate the fundamental cause of my journey. I had some sort of money saved from my pocket money; it was a meager amount, less than 3000 Indian rupees which is a small amount for a journey. Priya send me a money order of around 1600/- or something. 2 days before, daddy called from home and gave me 1000/- more. So after taking the to and fro tickets to Delhi (train to delhi and baaki travel by other means) and buying some essentials for the journey, I was left with something like 5000/-

I took the return ticket also so that I don ‘t have to find money for that later, whatever expenses I encounter; also I could plan my days wisely by setting a particular date for departure.

My friends were too much worried, they don ‘t know what to say, whether to encourage me or discourage me. Priya always tried to show a good face (in spite of all the worries she carried, she knew I have to go), she tried to be happy and helping before me in all the possible ways. And there were my seniors, bijoy, manoj, rajesh, sabu and all standing with me.

And you know what, few days before when I left from home to hostel; I wrote a letter saying I loved them (people at home) a lot and bla blah and abt mickey and put it in my cupboard so that they could read if I don ‘t come back.

So on 09.06.2001 at around 6 pm I was at the central railway station, ernakulam. Prem and rajesh was with me, they stood there till my train left. The train whistled at 6.25 pm and I was out to where_the_hell_am_going,_I_donno. As I sat by my window, I felt emotionless then; I think that was better than sitting worried. I don ‘t know where I was going; I don ‘t know what will happen to me. I had a vague idea of where I had to go. I just wanted to go. I knew my legs would lead me where I ought to go.

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nature photography & insect photomacrography

Posted by on 29 Oct 2005 | Category: photography, prakriti

Had been to my home in Kerala, India this September 2005.
I’ve been missing the tropical sun and the life growing under.
So I did the best I could do. Live the 30 days to the fulleth,
take memories and some photographs.

Here I’ve assembled some nature photography & insect photomacrography.
Camera used: Olympus C770.
Macro lens: MCON-40
Tele lens: TCON-17

could you guess what is this?