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onam: black & white, a japanese perspective and the role of plywood

Posted by on 31 Aug 2009 | Category: india, japan, kerala

A few decades back, Onam, the Kerala festival was celebrated in memory of the mythical king Mahabali. In the present scenario, it has turned out that Onam is more of a celebration in memory of those bygone decades and onam celebrations of the past.
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diwali; a japanese perspective

Posted by on 01 Nov 2005 | Category: india, japan

This is a glimpse from the English Seminar where I introduced India to the Japanese highschool students. The students were supposed to prepare articles/newspapers on different themes of the country. Herez how they pictured diwali.


Diwali is celebrated in memory of Ram’s homecoming after 14 years of exile in the forest (epic: Ramayana).

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