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pale blue pied paddle

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  and thus he picked up
  the pale blue-pied paddle
  and he sailed again
  the blue blue sea;
  the white surf lagging
  the bright blue blue sky
  writing sparkles on the way

circa 2005. symbolically linked to my life & research (?!)

My experiments with the ocean

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Oceans are alluring and challenging. Several fathoms of water lie unexplored and mysterious. To study them and define its vast array of physical, chemical and biological properties/aspects is the task of an oceanographer.

And we? We belong to the domain of physical oceanographers. To put it simple, we look on to such aspects like the how and why of the ocean currents, interaction of the atmosphere above and the ocean below [oh does it sound like the man-woman relationship?] and how the ocean talks to the atmosphere and how the atmosphere talks back to the ocean.. This explains only a part of the science of physical oceanography which includes other domains viz.coastal oceanography, ocean modeling, tropical oceanography, ocean circulation, ocean climate, remote sensing, fluid dynamics …

For more info on oceanography and related sciences, log on to the ocean community at Oceanographers Net

class room notes

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classroom notes, 05.12.2000 2.25 p.m

sitting in the class
when physical oceanography is going on…

he talks about deep sea
when i’m falling into deep sleep

he talks about estuaries
when i’m away from all those worries

he draws some T-S curves
when i dream about some other curves

into the ocean of love
am i diving

rather sitting with blank eyes
and listening to meaningless words

i was mistaken

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we used to pen anonymous letters, custom in my class. atmospheric science guy (wind) used to chat with her (shawl) always; sea (oceanography) disliked.

I was mistaken
In reading your eyes
They betrayed me
When the wind blows
And take away that brown shawl
Don’t hesitate
Go with the wind
The wind you admire
Because I’m not the wind
I am only the sea
And try not
To flutter with the wind
Over the sea
As the calm sea
May enrage and foam up
Taking the shawl with the waves
Into the depths ~ to no escape
And your wind will be alone
Alone and alone as I am

the sea

17.11.2000 2.20 p.m.