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oriental plain tiger

Posted by on 11 Apr 2014 | Category: photography, prakriti

The plain tiger enjoys a celebrity status of being the first butterfly in the recorded history. It was depicted in a painting, with its distinct colors and patterns, in the tomb of Nebamun in Egypt, circa 1350 BCE – that’s more than 3300 years before!

oriental plain tiger, male at korlai, maharashtra

It’s a tiger not merely in its stripes and colors. It is a terror to potential predators too! Their bodies contain toxic alkaloids from plants, which they have devoured as a larvae. Birds and predators memorize and associate the unsavoriness of these butterfly species with their patterns and habits, and try to avoid them. This, in turn, is found to have evolutionary consequences in other “edible” butterflies, which ended up mimicing similar colors and patterns in order to escape from the predators.

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the time keeper in metachrosis

Posted by on 20 Jan 2010 | Category: photography, prakriti

The hourglass mark on its dorsum is attractive, and that is why I call it the time keeper. We found this frog while we were cleaning and pruning the area around our fish pond. Sarah was throwing away some rotten twigs and leaves when she felt something cold and creepy leap on to her 😮

polypedates occidentalis
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skink mimicking a snake

Posted by on 02 Sep 2009 | Category: photography, prakriti

In the recent articles we talked about tactics from the snakes, spiders, birds and others for survival, and for saving their offspring.  In the picture below, you can see a skink (kind of lizards) mimicking the pose and the features of a snake, when it saw that I found him. It not only gave that pose, but put forth its forked tongue, like a snake! Continue Reading »