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the tire track eel

Posted by on 09 Aug 2009 | Category: photography, prakriti

Spiny eels are not eels, but elongated fresh water fishes with eel-like bodies and numerous spines preceding the dorsal fin. Very often they stay under the mud substratum, and are mostly nocturnal.

These are images of a Tire track eel or a Spiny eel, mastacembelus armatus, which we caught for our fishpond*, from the Meenachil River flowing near by our home, Kerala, India.

tire track spiny eel, mastacembelus armatus, from Meenachil River, Kerala

The name tire track? Probably due to the tire-track-like patterns along their body! The tire track eels are said to reach a size of 50-90cms. So the one in the image is that of a juvenile (~10cms).

tire track spiny eel, mastacembelus armatus, from Meenachil River, Kerala

tire track spiny eel, mastacembelus armatus, from Meenachil River, Kerala

Malayalam names of spiny eel: Aaron (ആരോന്‍), Aaral (ആരല്‍).

Date: 03 Jan 2008
Location: Meenachil River, Kottayam, Kerala, India
Camera: Nikon D80 + Tamron SP AF90mm f/2.8 Di Macro Lens

*We have a large fishpond at our home, where we grow, breed and observe freshwater fishes; both native and ornamental. Aquatic plants (~25 species), rocks, gravel, muddy substratum are all arranged and the pond is in a self sufficient state to cater to the feeding, hiding, and breeding needs of ~50 different species of fishes.

pinocchio and life at chengalathuparambil

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wherez my blue fairy?

I shud’ve been roaming with priya these days, after the exams. We’d planned to go to mattancherry, the jew palace and other such places she haven’t yet seen and cherai again. She must be seeing better places now, right? Lucky girl! Enjoying without me. dushta… Did u see AI (“artificial intelligence”)? I wish I had met with the same blue fairy that Pinocchio once met.

Hey, I went for swimming in the nearby river (meenachil aar), after a long time.. it was refreshing. I used to go there and swim a lot, years b4, without any company. The same now. I think I’ll go and swim there whenever I feel like. Want to come with me? sure, u r most welcome! O’ I love playing with water..and ofcourse, playing with u too. When I was young, i.e. when they were in Nigeria and me at my ‘amma veedu’ at chengalam, I used to go to the nearby ‘valari’ (stream) and play and catch ‘meen’ ~ vazhakka varayan, nettiyel ponnan, etc etc, tying one end of the ‘thorth’ on my neck and catching with the other end open. Sometimes there wud be cousins or friends so that we together hold the ends and do the part. Mummy had a lot of angala-penganmar that I always had some company and really I love them a lot for that still. I was there from LKG to class I. I used to go to st.joseph’s kunnumbhagam then. Lalu uncle used to tell me the story of amoeba and her little children when I used to sleep with him. I used to fight with kitty chechi. Once I even pee-peed on her head when she was lying on bed. I will do that on u next time we make kachara. It wud be refreshing.

am a nostalgic person and I love to hold on to those sweet memories. u know, when I remember abt georgy’s childhood, one thing that comes to my memory often is this : he joined at alphonsa, bgm in LKG when I was in class 3 or 4 there. Whenever he got any sweets for bdays of his friends, he used to keep one for me till evening when we met. I still can’t deduce why he didn’t eat them all?! at such a young stage! and I devoured what he gave me without any shame!

So much blunders to keep u bored. Will tell the remaining later or u will start dozing off in front of toshu. bye da.

saw stuart little 2 today. Inspiring! Every cloud has a silver lining! thank you for standing with me in happiness and sorrow. I love you so much. Study well and keep faith. All the breast!

Sept 4, 2002