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crimson marsh glider and its pruinescence

Posted by on 09 Dec 2013 | Category: photography, prakriti

Crimson marsh gliders are crimson, and frequent visitors to marshlands.

crimson marsh glider, trithemis aurora

Well, it is the male who is crimson, and the female (below) adorns totally different colors.
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stream ruby

Posted by on 16 Jan 2013 | Category: photography, prakriti

The stream ruby belongs to the chlorocyphidae family of damselflies, commonly known as jewels.

stream ruby, rhinocypha bisignata

Stream Ruby is one of these beautiful jewels, with their conspicuous rusty orange stripes on their thorax. Their natural habitat are hill streams, giving them the name stream ruby. This one might be a male; the stripes on the female are more yellowish.
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the blue darner

Posted by on 21 Oct 2012 | Category: photography, prakriti

Darners are often found around ponds, lakes and marshes. The blue darners are conspicuous with their pale green face and sapphire blue eyes. Its exquisite features and elegant nature might have given it the name, “magnificent emperor”. Males have bluish thorax while in females it is yellow with an olive green tint. The one below must be a female blue darner.

blue darner, anax immaculifrons
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striped panchax

Posted by on 19 Oct 2011 | Category: photography

The striped panchax has always fascinated me with its iridescent white spot on top of its head. It not only has the ability to flaunt it like a princess with its ornament, it can also hide the spot to avoid attention. The tail, with orange lines and dark spots, add to its beauty.

striped panchax

The striped panchax and its variants are found in the streams, rivers, paddy fields, throughout the Western Ghats. This fish lives just by the water surface, in look out for the aquatic and terrestrial insects and larvae, which consists a significant part of its diet. It is possible that it acts as a natural control of mosquitoes, and mosquito-borne diseases. In its natural habitat, it looks like a dull fish as you see it from the top. It is only when you see it from the sides, in clear water, that sparkling colors come out.
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the stone suckers

Posted by on 24 Feb 2011 | Category: prakriti

The stone suckers (sp. garra mullya ,malayalam: kalle-mutti) are one of our favorite fish species. They get their name from their habit of sticking to the rocky substratum in the streams. If you dip your legs into some of the streams or rivers in the western ghats/kerala with rocky substrates, chances are that you get tickled by these fishes lapping up your feet. They will give you a wonderful pedicure!

silver algae eater, garra mullya
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