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those days with mickey and CMS college

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Years later, today I tried to retrace the path I once used to take so often. My passion of birds and nature ¦I used to go with mickey to the nearby ‘parambu’,,,,those days.. we spent a lot of time there watching just nothing.
Today again I sat at the same spot from where I used to watch and study the ‘golden backed woodpecker’ at its nest and the ‘small green barbet’ bringing feed to its chicks.. I used to sit there endlessly, without changing my pose, the mosquitoes used to suck out my blood.. those two palm trees which gave life to those birds and me are not there now and it was already dark that the birds had disappeared to their nests. But I still love the place. It was there I found those hundreds of migratory ‘munias’. It was there I always went for some company of my mother nature. It was there I first found the ‘Indian pitta’. When did I stop going there? I want to revive all those days.. obviously everything stopped when I joined cusat and then I didn’t have any time to go anywhere. You know one thing, my dreams used to fill up with birds than with girls when I was in cms. u’ve seen the campus there. Therez lot of forest around, which was my ideal place and I used to get lost in it, forgetting everything else. Once I got the long hide of a snake, which I took to the hostel and put in the cupboard. One of the guys came, opened it and was shaken to his toenails that he never stopped calling me names for that!

Sept 28, 2002

mickey died, june 2004. i cudnt be with him in his last days and cud only cry from am growing  a feeling that hez always with me, playing around me

those adolescent days

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life at girideepam was unforgettable,, the days at school and nites at hostel.
[girideepam bethany, kottayam]

Those adolescent daysss… really miss them. and my dearest boarding (hostel), my X A, teachers there were like your own mothers. what all mischief we did at our hostel. waking up at midnite and opening the refrigerator (restricted to the reverent fathers) and taking out all the fruits.. sleeping alone on the terrace, looking upon the stars.. pretending fever so that you needn’t attend the exams.. the school steps and the gust that passed along it.. how cud I forget it when we waited till the gust blew up the skirts of some pretty girls.. how cud I forget the days when we boys in between classes, dropped the pencils so that we cud get a better view of everything that were furtive. when our boarding rector made us to stand on our knees for hours.. when he caught us sleeping in between study hours and made us stand and how we lost all the sleep and cursed him with all the feverishness..

how once when I was sleeping, he drew a mustache on me..and I slept on dreaming abt the girls,,, the silly fights, games, girls we shared,,,the basket balls we passed along… each day when we shouted “barekmor kurielaisthon” (latin form of some praise) for the service at our chapel.

never cud I forget the days when life was so…so fabulous! girideepam still flows thru my veins.

Oct 19, 2002

class room notes

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classroom notes, 05.12.2000 2.25 p.m

sitting in the class
when physical oceanography is going on…

he talks about deep sea
when i’m falling into deep sleep

he talks about estuaries
when i’m away from all those worries

he draws some T-S curves
when i dream about some other curves

into the ocean of love
am i diving

rather sitting with blank eyes
and listening to meaningless words