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perils of living in a city

Posted by on 09 Sep 2009 | Category: photography, prakriti

In a previous article, we talked about observing nature at the smaller end of the spectrum. Living temporarily in a city, we rarely have a chance to amuse ourselves on those miniscule wonders. Neither do we have a chance to see those animals at the larger end of the spectrum. There are some doves which we can watch from our window. That is all. That is the reason why the lion’s share of the nature photographs on this website are those which we had taken previously from our native place in Kerala, India. You must have also noticed that most of those photographs were taken at the backyards of our home! That is a stark difference of the quality of living, in these two different homes – the temporary one in a city (Bologna, Italy) – and the permanent one out of the city sprawls (in Kerala, India).
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Posted by and on 20 Aug 2009 | Category: life

Pratyahara, our baby boy.
Born: 19 Aug 2009, 3:30PM Italian Time [7PM Indian Time] @ the Sant’ Orsola Hospital, University of Bologna, Italy.

Photo as on 19 Aug 2009.

Baby & Mom keeping good!

Pratyahara (pronounced pratya-haara) is a sanskrit word, which essentially means “seeking one’s inner-self” or “return to self”. In yoga, it is the transition between the inner-world and the outer-world (so, balanced 😉 ).

pratyahara smiles
Photo as on 23 Aug 2009.

He smiles a lot while sleeping! The feelings of becoming the parents… are inexpressible!
pratyahara with achan pratyahara with amma

Wanted to share our love and happiness with you all.

Roxy (rocksea) & Juby (sarah)


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becoming a pilot was my purpose when I was a child. The same ambition held on to me till I was in degree. It was jessy aunty who taught me the word ‘pilot’ when I was in KG, and staying at chengalam. she told me if I wrote it several times and studied it, I would become a pilot.

but it was too costly. Even training on the rusted Cessnas in this rusted Kerala cost u a fortune of over 10 lakhs and think about training under some good companies!! Though becoming a commercial pilot was at my heart, I was the same interested in pursuing the path of an air force pilot. Thatz how I wrote the combined defense services (CDS) exam. I passed it!! but then was the interview! The interview is much harder than what the exam is. 7 days interview. It was in between that interview that I got the very first sms from you. I wrote a story as reply, I knew later, that u got only the first 2 lines! I thot whatever I filled in that box went 2 ur fone.

Only 2 people out of those 60 were selected for the medicals. The medicals, I’ve heard, is funny. They ask u to ‘smile’. When u open up ur mouth with all the 28 odd teeth, they say, ‘smile ur buttocks’. I didn’t belong to that 2. That was the end of my air force carrier. I don’t have anymore chances! I wrote the CDS again, and was called for the army, 4 months b4. Through CDS, you can get the best post when u enter the defense. but I’m too much in love with the oceans now! I didn’t go.

I haven’t lost my desire to be airborne. Maybe I would have a biplane for myself…

hey, Richard Bach has a biplane. He’s a philosophy-fiction-ideas-life mixed writer too. Thatz what attracted me to him.

Still I strain my neck and wonder over the speck soaring far above.

14 Oct, 2002

my woman

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My woman
I found my home in her
Where I have
The most solacing weather
Her smile overflows my heart
It makes everything sweet
I look upon her
Like the cutest pearl I’ve seen
I clasp her arms in mine
And then her eyes spurt
In the sheer joy of love
;she is my woman
Like a child I find comfort
Over her warm breasts
Her heartbeats I perceive
My cheeks would glow with her love
Her lips
It even touches my heart
Into the depths
Would her warm kisses float
;she is my woman
Every corner of my heart
Every moment of my life
Is she

D2 physics, CMS college, 10.09.98

pregnant with ideas

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writing is like giving birth to your child.
u’re pregnant with some ideas.
Expressing it out, writing it out meaningfully
is a painful labor.
you are bringing out your own thoughts,
your own identity into the world,
as in child birth.
If it comes out successfully,
you are the happiest mother