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common yellow swallowtail

Posted by on 15 Jun 2013 | Category: photography, prakriti

The swallowtail family of butterflies include the largest butterflies in the world. The common yellow swallowtail here is a widespread species, through Asia, Europe and North America. The image here is from the Island of Rhodes in Greece, but a subspecies of the same occurs in India.

common yellow swallowtail, papilio machaon

It is interesting to note that in some species of the papilionidae family of butterflies, the males glue the female genital tract after mating. Mating plugs, as they are called, assures sperm storage without any loss, and also has a role in preventing the females from remating- a function to enhance male control over females in copulation. Not sure if the yellow swallowtails have this capability.

Meanwhile, the caterpillars of the common yellow swallowtails have special tactics to detract enemies. They have an eversible (turn inside out) cervical gland called osmeterium, which produces acidic secretion effective in defense against ants.
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disappearing i am

Posted by on 15 Dec 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

when u write, u may feel u r putting urself into the paper, that the fluid running thru the pen is ur blood. u donno how it wud be for the person reading.

It takes time and pain for me
to disappear myself
and then appear before you
Then i don’t know
how i would come out
befor your eyes
Afraid i would show myself
as a bird or a butterfly
or a tree or an ant
or just green
or as a blade of grass
with whom i usually identify myself
And then how would i get your attention?
Pecking your nose with my beaks
displaying my colors to you
dropping a fruit for you
climbing your arms,
getting inside your brassiere
and biting on your breasts
being just green
being soft to your feet
And if you would notice me
and kiss me
and hug me
I’ll be ever with you
as a bird, as a butterfly
as an ant, as a tree
as green grass
I’ll be ever with you
for you—
disappearing I am, disappearing
legs gone, head gone
hands alone writing this story

santathana hostel, cusat, 02.05.01