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time for an elephant bath

Posted by on 21 Sep 2009 | Category: kerala, photography, prakriti

We have been catering nature at the smaller end of the spectrum these days. Now let us take a break and go for an elephant bath.
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Gong Xi Fa Cai and bow bow

Posted by on 28 Jan 2006 | Category: japan, life

In school, he was that kid who used to make superfluous audio effects. One day he bleated mehhaahhh like a sheep during the chemistry class, the teacher was startled;  she asked him to "remain" at the back of the class. Little did he or she realize then that it was all written in the books. That his animal is the sheep. That he was born in the chinese year of the sheep..

SARAH: (April 24, 2006) Folks, the subject (the kid) is none other than Roxy! Hey Roxy, common admit it now. You liked to bleat and bleated you did in the classroom, and got punished for that!

Gong Xi Fa Cai ! It’s the Chinese New Year on January 29th, 2006. So when you see someone, greet with a Gong Xi Fa Cai Gong-She-Fa-Sai the newyear greeting, literally meaning "congratulations and be prosperous". In chinese calendar, one of the schemes for counting the year is the 12 year cycle, from 1, 2, 3 to 12. Then again from 1. Each year is represented by an animal. 2006 is the Year of the Dog. If you meet a chinese person and ask him his animal, you could get his year of birth too (as you could possibly guess his age-range)!

Please enter your birth year such as "1978".
Then click here

India-China talks
She: These Indians, they stink! they wear the same shirt to the lab 7 days a week. They stink!
He: These Chinese, they eat white onion and never had a shower in life. They stink!
She: Not all Chinese
She: Ya, not all Indians
Both were happy.

Japan-China talks
She: Your japanese books say the army did a great thing at nanjing. Burn those books
He: Your chinese books say Mao did a great thing in china. Burn those first
She: Oh ya?!
He: Oh ya!
No, not so happy.

It is sad to see so many chinese living here in Japan hate Japan so much. They have voice against whatever japan did. But they don’t have voice against tyrannies in their own country. Of course, once upon a time Japan’s political mindset was different, the defense was on the bad side and bad things happened. Japan’s mindset today is totally different from the yore. Since WWII it has only extended its hands for help. Yet people want to punish her for the sins of forefathers. Why don’t they first look at their own base and start rectifying from there? The number of chinese killed cuz of Japan won’t come any near to the number of people killed during Mao’s dictatorship (tens of millions of people). China has a bit grown out of its stringent communist measures of the past though people still have a lash even on their inner thoughts. Seems it will take years when human rights will weigh over unrealistic ideals.

Nevertheless, China has a great tradition of its own, though much is not obvious to people outside. Many of the traditions, art forms, even Kanji the writing system in Japan originated in China. One day, after my studies, I wish to go there and roam around inhaling the aroma of those unknown worlds. Yes I love china despite of what is said in the above piece of writing. Every country does have some insipid elements of its own. That doesn’t but define the whole of it. It’s whether you look at the thorns or roses.

Ok, enough. Hopefully, I’ll go for the chinese newyear celebrations here. i.e. if anyone invites me

Recommended book: Wild Swans, Three daughters of China by Jung Chang (banned in mainland China)

Epilogue: Gong Xi Fa Cai bow bow !! He used to howl and bow bow too. Later he was named as pattikutty (puppy-dog) by some of his classmates.

come back

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ring ring.. i jump out of  the bed n take the phone..  oh i cant hear anything.. is  it she? is it? is it?

It’s frustrating to know that you can’t travel back in time. to go back and change things. It’s more frustrating to know that you can’t go ahead into future and see what’s lying ahead.
I wanted to see her badly, to talk to her, to hold her hands, but I can’t. sometimes I feel like going to her place and meet her but that would be just passing the agony and guilt that I’m feeling to a lot of other people too. Life after life? Rebirth? Or just death like animals? God? Brain? Soul? Life is just being confusing and miserable. All the books I’ve studied, all the visions I’ve perceived, everything I’ve assimilated seem waste. Simply waste.

I just wanted to cry out loud to someone. That’s why I thought I would bother you. No one to talk to. It was with priya that I used to share all my silly problems and all. I want to see priya, but would I ever again?? Priya, please come back.

I just wanted to calm down the fire Or it will burn out my heart.

Sept 09, 2002