If you have been to the woods of Hyderabad, India, chances are that you might have met one of these colorful agamas –Β of the lizard family. These are the South Indian Rock Agamas, psammophilus dorsalis, also known as Peninsular Rock Agamas. Specifically, the ones you see in this article are the males in their breeding season, when they adorn bright red colors and stay on the rocks displaying their availability.

psammophilus dorsalis, south indian rock agama

A study by Radder et al. [2006] found that, larger the male, higher their perching position on the rock, with the smallest male taking the lowest position.

psammophilus dorsalis, south indian rock agama

psammophilus dorsalis, peninsular rock agama

Date: 14 Jun 2007
Location: @ Mrugavani, Hyderabad, India
Camera: Nikon D80Β + Tamron SP AF90mm f/2.8 Di Macro Lens

1. Radder, R.S., Saidapur, S.K.,Β  Shanbag, B.A., 2006: Big boys on top: effects of body size, sex and reproductive state on perching behaviour in the tropical rock dragon, Psammophilus dorsalis, Animal Biology, 56, 3, 311-321 [

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