In the recent articles we talked about tactics from the snakes, spiders, birds and others for survival, and for saving their offspring.  In the picture below, you can see a skink (kind of lizards) mimicking the pose and the features of a snake, when it saw that I found him. It not only gave that pose, but put forth its forked tongue, like a snake! Unfortunately I couldn’t take the photo with its forked tongue, but believe me, the skink looked exactly like a snake then! You can see the red tail of the skink hidden in bushes. These skinks have another survival tactics. They shed its tail to distract its predators. The tail keeps wiggling on the ground, while the skink escapes!

skink mimicking a snake

This is one of the early-photographs, taken on our old olympus camera. The skink in the picture is the Dussumier’s Forest Skink, Sphenomorphus dussumieri, quite common in our place of the Western Ghats in India. Why the name Dussumier? Dussumier was a French voyager who used to collect zoological species from the Indian subcontinent, during the early 1800s, and the name of this skink is attributed to him.

Date: 18 Sept 2005
Location: @ home, Kottayam, Kerala, India
Camera: Olympus C770UZ + MCON-40 Macro Lens

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