Introducing Sarah

Outline: The princess who came out of the colorful sketch future drew for me.

Bio/Geography: Sarah the princess, from the bird sanctuary in Kerala, brought up in the twin cities and at present chirping from the silicon valley of India.

What does all this mean: Sarah will be a part of future sketches and songs on this website

Now that you know Sarah, let us get into some action

Assignment 1

Adoption. While we both were talking on everything as always, we were surprised and happy to see that both of us have similar interests in adopting children. It is not just a fantasy but an idea we had from long back, with specific reasons. We want to do several things in life, making love and life meaningful. So we thought we should take it step by step, studying each and everything. If we are studying something and if it could be useful to you, we will write it down and that is what we are going to do. So follow us if you are interested  

Studying adoption with respect to Indian culture is interesting, especially since until recently adoption was not an option at all, was considered a stigma in the society. Moreover, rules and regulations are not properly understood and due to the multitude of religions present, these rules have to be tailored to fit each religion in the country. So it comes down to the fact that you don’t have a specific set of adoption laws for the whole country. Anyways first we should start from what me and sarah are. Officially christians (sarah will object to this, she will say she is more a christian by faith), we will first look into adoption into a christian family (future family). For a start, we have put down the following questions to be answered by us and we are analyzing it. We will add more questions as we get answers to these…

  1. Reasons to adopt. Why should rocksea and sarah adopt a child.
  2. Procedures for adoption by christian family. Christian Wards and Guardian Act, is it related to Indians living in India, does it considers an adopted child as own child etc etc. We searched over the internet on related procedures but information and reliable real life experiences over the interenet were scanty, one reason why we are putting the details on the web.
  3. Psychological problems when you have own child and adopted child in the same family. Of course we both have the urges to have our own child. So can we satisfy both? Or will we end up having our own children and just sponsoring other kids? Will having own children and adopted children in the same family bring troubles?

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