Family Genealogy 1. Yeah, started off with this last September when I went home to Kerala. It was after the realization that me, and many of the relatives to whom I talked to, aren’t aware of the newcomers in the family (thru birth, marriage etc); close relatives and cousins have become distant. Usually genealogical researches are more concerned about ancestors dating back to eons.. Well here my self shouted that I should get my living roots and branches at first!

Started with my own family.. It’s always interesting to go through one’s own roots! Try it yourself!

genealogy brothers

With my parents I went from home to home jotting down basic details (esp names, bdays, weddings, deaths, photos) of relatives. One irking thing I found was none of our living mates don’t even know the name of my grandfather’s sister (dad’s side. she died around 40). One interesting fact I found out was that my grandfather’s grandfather and his brother died on the same day (look at the dates in the picture). It was in a January, bow to them.

If it was in a country like US, genealogical research would have been pretty easy. Everything is recorded and available and people have charts leading to Colombus even . In India, the situation is different. Even getting beyond 50 years or so is pretty difficult. A few I found on the net where those family trees concerned with the East India Company of the yore.

Nevertheless, my family and a few of my cousins (esp. Liya) are with me, constantly providing some information or the other, which keeps encouraging me. What I do with it is compile all these information on a desktop software like Family Tree Maker (there’re dozens of genealogy softwares, free n commercial). Well I did that with what I have. For expanding it, the best way is to put it online, give family members a user-id to append the data or upload photos. This is where TNG (The Next generation Genealogy scripts) helped me out. Well those are the first scripts I ever bought online, only cuz I know they’re the best.. So am on it, slowly updating the Kerala Christian Family Tree


In Kerala, elders usually say “vanna vazhi marakkaruthu” (don’t forget your roots). I am young now but somehow it got into my head that one day I will become old, one day I will cease to exist, one day I will fade into oblivion.. After 50 years, what will be? Now a lots of pals know me, my identity is exhaled through this blog, through my email, through my personal presence.. After 50, 100 or 200 years?? May be am forbidden to look that much beyond. But like a curious child I wonder. Will there be any meaning to me then?

May be someone’s good actions can be traced backed to his own wish that others should do good unto him? Well, whatever it is, here I am tracing back to my grand parents, their grand parents and if possible their grand parents. Let them live through me. They had their own identity then. Just a name and photo (if) won’t replace their identity. But still I can give an abode for them to exist in the best possible way, “in the hearts of my family and relatives”.

Through which I may live through as well. Now I’m in the bottom of this chart. Wish some day my grand children and their children add up to this and let me smile somewhere from the middle..

1. Genealogy: The study or investigation of ancestry and family history

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