Is sunny and bright outside. Though I miss the tropical sun, today it seems am content with the sun. Why today suddenly itz so sunny and bright?? Only because I woke up early today.. hehe. (Remember Late Kate? Kate was always late..)

Well, yesterday night it was around -13 ~ -15 °C by the time I went home (2am. ya, late to bed, late to rise). So once I reached and was at my apartment, felt am in kinda Ice Age. This is what they call a frozen moment, ya? Switched on the heater, but what use.. From -15 to +15 is a whopping 30 °C; it takes time!. Switched on the electric blanket too. No use! Got my neck thru one more sweater.. BrrrRRrr.. still no use! As a last try I meditated on the tropical sun, how I had jumped around, screeching like a monkey in those days (will I ever get them back).. Ain’t remembering anything beyond that. Memory must’ve freezed out?? Well it worked.. Was reborn in to this sunny day today

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