Remember the day when you set your foot at Sapporo? It was 2 years before, on a cold February, just like this. Snow was something new and strange then, and you were happy. First few days are always like that! *snow everywhere* and you will start smiling and laughing, it was so fun.. The Dean asked you how you felt abt Sapporo. You said beaming, snowflakes allover your cheeks, "I love the snow! It is so beautiful here!" He roared out a laugh, "snow has no value here!".
"but I love snow!!?"
So first few days were spend analyzing the so-called-snow, eating it to your heart’s content.. Later you learnt that you could better sit at home and watch those japanese comedy shows (and start laughing whenever they laugh..)
Well my (shifting to first person) first 2 winters went like that, good-for-nothing. Sat indoors for 4-5 months till I made sure there’re no white patches watching me. But this winter, one day while coming to lab, got soaked in the snow and like a revelation from heaven it transformed the psychrophobic 1 me to a psychrophilic 2 self! Thatz how my bicycle started slowing down on my way to lab. Thatz how soon a camera was hanging on my neck, swinging all the way but keeping an eye on things going around,,
So am not so fed up of winter, you see.. Though all my insects and butterflies are hibernating, I managed to find some amusement in the snow.. and thatz how I ended up taking all these winter photos.
So, the photojournal for the day:
Caught ’em from my window first. They had spotted the snow-mountain (some snow heaped over) in our compound and had decided it is the perfect place for snow sliding.
  • Kids never stop amusing us!

snow sliding at sapporo

  • I-will-take-you-up (ending in duhh-you-are-so-heavy)
kids-snow-sliding-8 * i will take you up * 1024 x 766 * (253KB)kids-snow-sliding-7 * hmmphhh!! i will try this way * 1024 x 766 * (204KB)kids-snow-sliding-6 * uhhh?!!! you're heavy! * 1024 x 766 * (201KB)
kids-snow-sliding-5 * oops * 1024 x 766 * (183KB)kids-snow-sliding-4 * ** falls down ** * 1024 x 766 * (179KB)kids-snow-sliding-3 * let me try again! * 1024 x 766 * (204KB)
kids-snow-sliding-1 * ya this way * 1024 x 766 * (205KB)kids-snow-sliding-0 * ya like that,, * 1024 x 766 * (220KB)
  • Wooshhh…
  • He has a smile for me
kids-snow-sliding-14 * winter at sapporo is the right time for these kids to take a break and go snow sliding! * 766 x 1024 * (337KB)kids-snow-sliding-13 * he has a smile for me :) * 1024 x 766 * (155KB)
  • Letz all ride together!
  • Now their sensei 3 has a smile for me
kids-snow-sliding-12 * packing 2 in 1 * 1024 x 766 * (370KB)kids-snow-sliding-11 * packing many in 1. now their sensei (teacher) has a smile for me ;) * 1024 x 766 * (423KB)
Moral of the story: Always smile at the snow, some day it will start smiling back at you.
1 psychrophobe: one who dreads the cold
2 psychrophile: those like me who loves extreme cold
3 sensei: japanese for teacher 

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