You are torturing, teasing, suffocating
me with your love
I can’t see anything beyond you
I can’t even breathe (I really need m2m*)
I can only hear you laugh

You’re a witch with a magic wand
rather a doctor with a steth
I’m illusioned by those mirages
Your magician displays

Doctor, you’re breaking my heart instead of
Stitching it

Our eyes met in the rearview
You just hid yourself under your smile
I wanted to outline your lips
But you backed away
I wanted to see thru’ your eyes
But your hands blocked my gaze
I needed your whole hand
But you teased me with your fingertips

When everyone pray for healings
I desire for ailments
So that my doctor
Could measure up my whole body

You’ll be going thru’ Germany
but do you know I’ll be going thru’ hell then

I am a +ve thinker
but now
I fear the emptiness you would leave with me
rather enjoying the right moment with you

Aug, 2000

* m2m ~ mouth to mouth resuscitation

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