when u see the moon (in ur heart)
and feel that moonlite isnt falling on ur body (soul)
change ur pose, maybe hold out ur arms,
lean forward, come closer
let me grow allover you
let u feel my warmth flowing thru ur skin, soft

tip of ur finger, a nail of ur toe
strand of ur hair, a smile on ur lips
just bring out to the moonlite
and let me grow allover you

thru the branches
down the gallery
the moonlite flowing,
the moonlite flowing, growing
i can see ur lips glistening
i can see a smile budding
oh how receptive you are to the moonlite

sapporo to pune
but the moonlite will come thru,,
will every nite
fill every corner of ur life
till every pore of ur body
dances with the, reflects the moonlite

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