sitting before this computer
i go numb
startled, i came to know
am sitting like this vryday
i look at the window

“let me thru life around!”

no, no itz already dark
i forget when i came here
i forget life in me
i forget life around
my ears, i wished always but
no longer awake to the bird’s call

no, no itz already dark
i didnt even see the birds go back
no, no it wont happen again
no, darkness cant startle me again
oh, itz already dark
no, no my day will be soon back
and i’ll be the first to hear
   the birds calling me back to dear life

and thus i picked up
the scarlet clothed book
and never it’ll leave my hands
the book, be a saviour in my life
the book, take me back to the green grass

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