most comfortable position.
you look up high
and you have more steps to climb

once in a while
you look back
when some of the steps fail
you try to reach your legs
and put on me
i try to arch, and bend
but we are far away
you can reach me
only if you climb down
but you cant
you cant lose
all the steps you have climbed
you cant lose
all the effort you’ve made

the more you go up
the more you feel uncomfortable
i know your feelings princess
you decided to go up
poor me
i can only stand here
and wish for your legs to press
on my shoulders

a wish
when the steps fail you
if they break
or if you dont feel the comfort
or if you think
the highest steps in the ladder
are not the strongest
or not the most comfortable
there is me,
this step on the ladder of your life
down, somewhere, not on top. not so low.
this step which you
lived at some part of your life
you can always come back to me

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