Bread and Jam @ 25

Nizamudhin Express
9th June, 2001, 2nd Sat.

Itz around 11.00 p.m. Oh, I don’t sport a watch,, and u shudnt bother abt the time. For a wanderer, for anyone who’s in the quest, time shud never be a constraint. Don’t just bother. You’ve to come out, rise above time. Oh, but do keep some idea of it as long as u r tied to the world around you in all inextricable ways. Unless, u wont get the train to delhi at whatever time; unless, u wont get bread n jam at whatever time.

I feel very better. better than what I expected. happy. energetic. The train had just moved on, in a few minutes, I was there throwing away my pants n gracing myself in a “kaavi mundu”. You know the virtues of kaavi mundu,, a lighter piece of clothe you wrap around your waist reaching the feet, saffron colored. I preferred it for several reasons, other than it being a simple piece of clothing. It is too light to carry around, you can wear it for a long time without looking dirty and even if you wash it, it’ll dry right away. also it is cheap, cost be about 50 indian rupees only and I bought two.

Other than that I carried in my shoulder bag, the following things:
1 pants
1 towel
few u/w
1 water bottle
1 note book to scribble on, if I feel like
and a pen with it, which liansa had given me when she came for holidays from Czech.
3 shirts
some maps and details abt ‘some’ places I hoped to visit, which I had collected over the net and from the cusat library.
1 blanket
few letter covers, to write to anyone, if I feel like
my shaving set, a comb, paste, brush n soap
2 floppy disks, still I donno why I carried it.

So I had a light pack on my shoulders and it was always easy to go around. No shoes, I just went on with my slippers and I felt totally buoyant in that costume.

Yeah, I got a window seat and I was happy about it. There were some guys sitting over there, 3 of them, around 30-35. Donno how they would be to me in this long journey. Maybe I would keep alone.. it may help me to mentally prepare myself?

One around 60 or above old, short but dynamic person got into the train from the next station, aluva. There were some other people to see him off and they were telling like people will come to collect him at the destination. Looked like an intruder in this compartment. I didn’t want it to be too much crowded throughout the journey.

I’m not sure what started off a conversation, but soon we found all of us talking.. This person I talked about, I came to know, is a padre. He was smiling and looked amiable suddenly.

Most of the people I met in this compartment are very compassionate. In a train, people tend to be more friendly, talkative? A smile will help, you will get good friends. Those 3 guys were going delhi for some purchasing. Autospares, wedding cards, photography n such things.. Oh I forgot their names, seems I forgot to write them down. One must be Naz, they were all from thiruvanathapuram.

The padre talked more.. He beamed with a strong personality and keen eyes..

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