becoming a pilot was my purpose when I was a child. The same ambition held on to me till I was in degree. It was jessy aunty who taught me the word ‘pilot’ when I was in KG, and staying at chengalam. she told me if I wrote it several times and studied it, I would become a pilot.

but it was too costly. Even training on the rusted Cessnas in this rusted Kerala cost u a fortune of over 10 lakhs and think about training under some good companies!! Though becoming a commercial pilot was at my heart, I was the same interested in pursuing the path of an air force pilot. Thatz how I wrote the combined defense services (CDS) exam. I passed it!! but then was the interview! The interview is much harder than what the exam is. 7 days interview. It was in between that interview that I got the very first sms from you. I wrote a story as reply, I knew later, that u got only the first 2 lines! I thot whatever I filled in that box went 2 ur fone.

Only 2 people out of those 60 were selected for the medicals. The medicals, I’ve heard, is funny. They ask u to ‘smile’. When u open up ur mouth with all the 28 odd teeth, they say, ‘smile ur buttocks’. I didn’t belong to that 2. That was the end of my air force carrier. I don’t have anymore chances! I wrote the CDS again, and was called for the army, 4 months b4. Through CDS, you can get the best post when u enter the defense. but I’m too much in love with the oceans now! I didn’t go.

I haven’t lost my desire to be airborne. Maybe I would have a biplane for myself…

hey, Richard Bach has a biplane. He’s a philosophy-fiction-ideas-life mixed writer too. Thatz what attracted me to him.

Still I strain my neck and wonder over the speck soaring far above.

14 Oct, 2002

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