after she left again for czek

It’s paining to love a flower
And see it falling off the next day
It’s paining to love a rain
And see it all vanishing into the ground
More paining is to love a migratory bird
It flutters and dances before his eyes
Conquers his head and heart
A few days become his whole life
And then she flies away hastily
To the warmer areas of Europe
Each day he awakened to her call
Each day his chest warmed her feathers
An addict he became
An addict of her musical notes (laughs)
An addict of her overflowing love
An addict of her enchanting colors
No, he won’t cry
No, he won’t even strain a nerve
All his animation gone
For she was his only play mate
All his colors gone
His face no longer reflect light pink
His eyes no more see nature’s green
For she took away the color box with her

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