We took a long long break after the wedding. Guess what we were doing mean time?!

 small green frog on rocksea's Nikon D80

small_green_frog_001 * creation! sarah and the frog @ home, kerala * 1072 x 1600 * (377KB)
We got this teeny weeny frog from the bush nearby home. Yet to be identified. Seems it loves to be in between moist grass. The color and the look was lovely and we couldn’t absorb it totally with the camera.


small_green_frog_002 * can you spot the teeny weeny green frog on the tip of sarah's camera?@ home, kerala * 1600 x 1071 * (809KB)
Can you spot the frog in this picture?! It has hopped on to sarah’s camera and you can see a tiny green spot by edge of her macro lens.  


xylophis captaini

Another find. Looks like an earth worm? no.. it is one of the tiniest snakes..Well, at first we have been thinking that it may belong to the blind snake (flower pot snake) group as it is tiny and burrows in the ground, but seems not to? Yet it must be within the worm snake genera? We found it while we were digging in the garden (now you know what else we were up to these days!). ~12cm length. It has a fascinating iridescent sheen and pattern on its body, which is more visible in the next shot.  


captain's wood snake
This picture has captured the iridescent sheen and the pattern. The background is a banana leaf, was used for a contrast and not to be mistaken as its natural surrounding. This snake prefers to burrow under moist earth. It is a great jumper too! We met with this snake twice on different days (yeah we were digging throughout!!), so it must be a common yet rarely observed snake.
Update [14 Aug 2009]: The snake has been identified as a Captain’s wood snake, xylophis captaini, belonging to the xylophis family. More details here >> see the article on captain’s wood snake

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