Life bestows us with a lot of interesting questions, hurdles and most people shrug off from all these. They’re satisfied with what life brings them.

Well, what does life mean? At least, what does life mean for us? For me, what does the 25 years I’ve gone through mean?

As you leave the walls of your mother’s womb, as you get cut off the umbilical cord, you think you’re free….oh no… as soon as you set your foot on this place you know you’re in the wrong place; but you’ve no choice!

Life here is just being: study when you’re young, then have a job, then get married, then have children and worry on them, then let them have the study then let they worry about the job, then…. it goes like a cycle. Everyone tries to keep the cycle, keeping in mind what god once said, go on, reproduce as the sand grains on this earth.. Is it all about life?

This is not against being materialistic, but against being totally materialistic. We’ve to have something out of our life, something at least we could be proud of at the end of our life..

Hey, go and stir the sugar, unless you never gonna get the taste!

Let your thoughts be unprompted, your concepts be spontaneous; Go off the circle a bit, throw off your watches, redraw the boundaries, let the time be no constraint, let the world be no constraint.

Not asking you to sit and meditate all the time; but just be conscious: that there should be some meaning to your life…

greatness of gita (Bhagavat Gita) is that:
Krishna didn’t change the ‘paristhithi’
he changed the ‘manasthithi’

he didn’t change the circumstances
he gave the knowledge how to face it

God won’t come and do whatever for you. He has given you more than enough knowledge and power to pursue life. It’s your road ahead; you’ve to walk alone.

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