Following Computer related services are carried out at Hokkaido University:

Data Recovery

At hokudai we students are handling a lot of data, notes, thesis, materials. It may happen that one friday your computer stops responding or you lost some precious files. Can something be done? Yes!

  • One day you restart the computer and you see a blank screen staring at you! You’re not able to boot your PC. Such a situation is not so rare. Most likely the failure is due to the MBR (a record having the basic structure of ur pc) getting corrupted. In most of the cases, it is possible to recover your system to its previous stage.
  • One of your drives/partitions just disappeared and you don’t know what to do. Or you got some data deleted accidently. It is possible to retrieve this data from your pc. Just make sure that you don’t do anything on the pc after you deleted it as that may erase the traces forever.

Operating System Management

  • Partitioning. You have only a C drive. You want to make D, E, F, G, .. drives.
  • Dual boot system. You want to install Windows and Linux both on the same system. You need to transfer files between both these operating systems.
  • You want to run certain windows applications in Linux.


  • Backup/Restore email. Your studies are over and you’re leaving but you want to take the emails saved in your Outlook. Or you are changing your pc and your want to transfer the mails
  • You’re using windows and linux in the same system and you want to access your Outlook mails in windows when you are booted in linux.


  • Launch a website for yourself? Not a bad idea! Could be done at nominal costs. Anyways, can’t teach you on how to make website, html etc. Only installation related services.


  • Sorry, no classes due to lack of time. Yet if so necessary a few tips can be given if you have some basic idea on things.

Fee: Low cost. From 500 yen onwards (Even that bicycle repair shop facing my lab asks 1000 yen for a puncture sticker), depending on the technical info involved + time. You can bring the laptop to my lab. If you want me to come to your lab, 500 yen extra. Of course if you are short of money, services will be free.

Time: Any time other than when I’m sleeping (now thatz difficult to tell!)

All these services for windows english versions. Can try for japanese/chinese versions but not guaranteed.

Contact: or 090 2053 2979. Email preferred.